Mars Real Sound Fuzz & Noise Gate


Mars Effects USA

It is an applied module consisting of a high quality FUZZ, a special EQUALIZER for guitar/bass and an auto touched NOISE GATE. These three functions can work together or separately. Six band equalizer has a sensitive response to change your performance and dynamics. The sliding rod of the Auto touched NOISE GATE can be set at a starting point or ending point of the sound until cutting off signal. An electronic transfer switch eliminates noise when used for recording.


  • Solid Stainless Brushed Steel enclosure. (no plastic here!)
  • Analogue circuit design.
  • Fuzz (on/off switch)
  • 6 Band EQ
  • Quality Noise Supression
  • 9v mains adapter 40V 100ma - Supplied
  • Buffered bypass stomp switch.
  • Quality build and parts for long using life.
  • Size 6 " H x 6 " W x 1.5 " D Weight 1 lb 8 oz.

This is a awesome new stomp, and offers a great value and almost unheard of options all in one box.

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