Mars Real Sound EQ9


Mars Effects USA

The EQ9 is newly designed for either guitar or bass instruments. It has 9 full range bands for full adjustment of instrumental frequencies, 15db adjustment range low to high and a low noise design. You can control the volume by slider rod and cut it off by an assistant level switch, thus making a real bypass.


  • Solid Stainless Brushed Steel enclosure. (no plastic here!)
  • Analogue circuit design.
  • Level ( with on/off switch)
  • 9 Full Range Band EQ
  • Low noise
  • 9v mains adapter 9.6V 100ma (not supplied) or 9V Battery (supplied for Plug "n Play)
  • Buffered bypass stomp switch.
  • Quality build and parts for long using life.
  • Size 6 " H x 6 " W x 1.5 " D Weight 1 lb 8 oz.


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