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Mars Musical Instruments

The maximum delay provided by DELAY 800 is 800ms. The operation for feedback of interval and mixed proportion is simple and the sound is clear and plump. DELAY 800 provides such a delay sound close to real surroundings to the utmost.

Mars Effects USA

From Rockabilly to Rock, this Delay will add tonal value.

The Mars 800 Delay features a Digital Delay and an Analog circuit.It has been constructed to offer the feeling of ANALOG warmth and great organic tonal responses. This Analog response cuts off the brightness and harshness that many Delays have and the result is also reduced background noise and clearer delay/repeat cycles.

This unit comes with it's own power supply (24V 100mA). With this higher voltage, the dynamic range has been vastly improved as opposed to similiar units running on 9V power. And.... No more batteries or gradual tonal loss!

The Mars Delay 800 features control for Delay time, Delay level and Repeat, with a nice range of adjustment.

Great sounding Delay, Buffered Bypass stomp switch, all metal enclosure.

Great price on these units as well... Compare to others for much more $$$$...

Features at a glance:

  • Full metal casing.
  • Up to 500 ms + Delay time
  • Buffered Bypass Stomp switch. The sound coming in is totally unaffected by any filter or circuitry.
  • Powered by 24V Power Adaptor (Supplied)
  • Dimensions: 5.75 " H x 5" W x 1.75 D, 1lb 3 oz.

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