Mars Real Sound Compressor for Guitar and Bass


  • Rate
  • Level (slide switch)


Mars Musical Instruments

This mini COMPRESSOR is prepared as an accessory specially for guitar and bass instruments. Its wide frequency and high power compressor mode covers the whole range of guitar without any redundant controls. Providing fast, effective and simple operation is the character of this small thing.

Mars Effects USA

The Mars Analog Compressor is compact but powerful and offers level control for both wide frequency and high power mode control.

Compression will make single runs come out more precise and powerful as well as chording. Notes can be sustained and makes an overall performance much more distinct. Smooths and rounds the sound while retaining the punch. Very transparent, but you will for sure know it's there.

The MARS Compressor provides a fast, effective and simple operation at a great price!

Effective for either guitar or Bass players.

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