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The Mars Analog Bluesbreaker Overdrive is compact but powerful, offering a clean and balanced Overdrive with Blue overtones. A good Overdrive is meant to enhance the players signature tone and the Bluesbreaker does this very well. Will punch up the tone you have and certainly add that necessary bit of bite.

Full control for Volume, Gain and Tone, the Bluesbreaker is housed in a full metal casing w/ chicken type control knobs and a buffered bypass stomp switch. Great box at an equally great price.

Features at a glance:

  • Great punchy Overdrive with Blues Tones. Control for Gain, Volume and Tone.
  • Total Metal enclosure. Chicken type control knobs.
  • 9V Battery Power (provided for plug n' play) or 9V Adaptor (not supplied)
  • Uses high quality parts for a long reliable life.
  • Metal Stomp Switch w/ buffered bypass.

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