Mars Real Sound Bass Performer - Dual Input & Dual Super Lead


Mars Effects USA

Housed in a full metal casing with reliable parts, this is great item to hone in your tone or record through. The company does not supply a full blown manual to keep the costs low, but the functions are easy to operate and self explanatory.

Most of the specs are noted below, but the Performer features:

  • Dual Inputs (Clean and Overdrive).
  • Effects Loop w/FX mix for external effects. Switch effects on/off.
  • DI outputs to mixer.
  • Aux output for direct recording.
  • EQ adjustment with on/off switch.
  • Overdrive option w/color balancing.
  • Headphone in.
  • Tuner out.
  • Mute switch.
  • Comes supplied w/ it's own power adaptor, so no battery drain (and does not take them)
  • Compact enough to take anywhere and a lot of options here at a great price


  • Clean and Overdrive Control - Gain (Drive) Volume for Drive and Clean
  • Master control -FX Loop mode
  • EQ Frequency Low, Mid, High adjusters with on/off switch
  • Deep/Bright/Notch (Switch)
  • Overdrive color (Switch)
  • Dual input 1 & 2
  • Tuner Out
  • FX Loop w Phase in/out switch.FX Mix Knob (Parallel to Series) + FX Crossover on/off (Switch)
  • AUX Input (Stereo)
  • Headphone in
  • Line Out
  • DI Output (Balanced) with Ground switch
  • Input Stomp switch
  • FX Loop Stomp switch
  • Mute all Stomp switch
  • Full Metal casing
  • Power Comsumption: 24V DC 42 ma
  • Adaptor supplied 24V 100ma
  • Dimensions: 8 " H x 9.25" W x 2.25" D

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