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Could you tell me what kind of edge tool the top metal music executants depend on?

By means of high energy spring and solid wave cutting technology, Asphyxiant Metal may pour out stronger tone. The charctor of crunch at its staring point is very bright. Specially designed equalizer for guitar makes your intension presenting to the utmost. ASPHYXIANT METAL gives your sound effect from lifeful babaric to fast violet.

Mars Effects USA

The ASPHYXIANT METAL is a new entry in the MARS lineup and offers full control of chunky and powerful drive/Distortion tones utilizing Volume and Gain as well as EQ control of Bass, Treble and Mids with Mid Frequency adjustments to hone in the tone. A lot power at a a very nice price...

Features at a glance:

  • Power Distortion
  • Solid Brushed Stainless Steel enclosure.
  • Control for Volume,Gain, Bass, Treble and Mids.
  • 9V Battery powered or 9V Adaptor
  • Uses high quality parts for a long reliable life.
  • Metal Stomp Switch w/buffered bypass

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