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The MarkOne Audio TwinOD is a dual channel overdrive with a difference. The conventional dual overdrive set up is to have a double footswitch arrangement which inevitability ends up with a large pedal which takes up precious space on your pedal board. The TwinOD uses MarkOne Audio’s unique ‘Mix’ control which lets you blend the two overdrives together in one compact pedal. Simply set each of the overdrive channels where you want them and then use the mix control to set how much of each channel you want on the output. Setting the mix control to its full left position gives you 100% OD1; setting it fully right gives 100% OD2 whilst setting it in the middle gives 50% of each.

Both overdrives use the fabled JRC4558 chip which was first made popular by the Ibanez Tube Screamer. The first overdrive channel is designed using symmetric clipping which gives you a warm valve sounding overdrive. The second overdrive channel uses asymmetric clipping to give the sound a bit more of an edge.

The TwinOD pedal features:

  • True bypass so your sound is not affected
  • Unique Mix control gives you a huge variety of different overdrive sounds
  • Rugged yet compact aluminium case (110x60x30mm)
  • Custom designed and hand made aluminium control knobs
  • Top quality jack sockets made by Neutrik
  • Top quality plated through hole fibreglass circuit board design
  • MarkOne Audio use only the best components chosen for quality and not economy
  • Blue LED lets you know when the pedal is in use
  • Runs off either a 9 volt dc power supply or 9v battery
  • comes with either rubber feet or velcro (please state which one you want when you pay - will come with rubber feet if you don't say anything)
  • 1 year warranty included
  • All MarkOne Audio pedals are hand built in England so you're guaranteed quality

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