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MarkOne Audio

This is the only pedal you will ever need for all of your signal switching needs

The TripleSwitcher has 3 different switching modes allowing for switching between up to 3 amplifiers or instruments

Below is a quick description of the 3 modes:

  • Mode 1: has the same functionality as the MarkOne Audio Switchbox. You can plug upto 3 instruments in at any time and switch them individually to 1 output. Ideal if you use more than one instrument on stage e.g guitars, keyboards, synths.... This mode has the MarkOne Audio silent channel switching which removes pops and clicks and also has intelligent channel switching so you will only switch between the channels that are plugged in.
  • Mode 2: Mode 2 is the opposite of mode 1. You can plug 1 instrument in and switch between 3 different outputs e.g amps, effects, mixing desks.... This channel also has the MarkOne Audio silent channel switching but cycles through each output in the following order: 1-2-3 and back to 1.
  • Mode 3: Mode 3 gives you 2 options, the classic AB/Y output with extra output for a tuner/another amp, and the unique ABC/W output. ABC/W is much like AB/Y except you get an extra output i.e you can run 1 instrument into 3 output simultaneously. Mode 3 also has the MarkOne Audio silent channel switching.

Mode 2 and 3 encorporate ultra high quality transformers on the outputs of channel 2 and 3. This means that ground loop noise and hum are eliminated. You will not find this feature on a cheap pedal and this is one of the many features that separates the TripleSwitcher from the lower quality pedals.

The TripleSwitcher now includes internal phase switches on the two transformer outputs.

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