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This pedal gives you up to 20dB of crystal clear boost with the benefit of true bypass so won't affect your signal when it's switched off.

Use it to boost your signal when soloing, match the outputs of two different guitars/pickups or it can even be used to drive your valve amp into overdrive.

Due to both the top quality design and parts used in this pedal it also works perfectly as a line driver. Use it in front of long lengths of cables and you will keep your tone sounding sweet, removing any loss of top end or muddiness commonly associated with long cable runs.

All MarkOne Audio pedals are hand built in England so you're guaranteed quality

The CleanBoost pedal features:

  • True bypass so your sound is not affected
  • Rugged yet compact aluminium case (110x60x30mm)
  • Custom designed and hand made aluminium control knob
  • Top quality jack sockets made by Neutrik
  • Top quality plated through hole fiberglass circuit board design
  • MarkOne Audio use only the best components chosen for quality and not economy
  • Blue LED lets you know when the pedal is in use
  • Runs off either a 9 volt dc power supply or 9v battery but can also be run off up to 18v dc for extra headroom
  • comes with either rubber feet or velcro (please state which one you want when you pay - will come with rubber feet if you don't say anything)
  • 2 year warranty included

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