MarkOne Audio 1-Looper


MarkOne Audio

The 1-looper features:

  • True bypass so your sound is not affected
  • rugged yet compact aluminium case (110x60x30mm)
  • Top quality jack sockets made by Neutrik
  • Top quality cable using point to point wiring removes any loss in sound quality
  • MarkOne Audio use only the best components chosen for quality and not economy
  • Cool blue LED lets you know when the pedal is in use
  • Runs off either a 9 volt dc power supply or 9v battery
  • comes with either rubber feet or velcro (please state which one you want when you pay - will come with rubber feet if you don't say anything)
  • 2 year warrenty included

The pedal does not require power to work, the battery/power supply is only used to light the LED to indicate the the loop is in use. When you bypass the loop the LED is switched off

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