Markbass Super Booster




For many Markbass amp users, the VLE and VPF filters are the only EQ knobs they turn! This pedal gives anyone access to these two magic filters. The VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) filters out high frequencies to give you a mellower, less modern sound. The VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) boosts lows and highs, and cuts mids: especially great for slap and pick playing. The SUPER BOOSTER pedal also gives you a clean Boost, very handy for helping you stand out when taking a solo! This highly practical pedal features true bypass and buffered bypass circuitry and also acts as an active DI.


  • LEVEL BOOST: level knob and on/off switch
  • VLE: Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator
  • VPF: Variable Pre-shape Filter
  • Filters on/off switch


  • INPUT jack
  • OUTPUT jack
  • XLR active DI output jack
  • POWER jack (DC 12V)

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