Markbass Octaver




The Markbass OCTAVER allows you to add thickness to your sound by harmonizing your playing either one or two octaves below. The pedal features separate controls, switches and outputs for each octave. The low notes are focused and perfectly in tune, and the sound is super clean! The “dub” switch mutes your clean signal and just gives you the low octave. Like all our pedals, this unit features true bypass for impeccable sound quality when the effect is off.


  • OCT 1 level (one octave below)
  • OCT 2 level (two octaves below)
  • DRY (mix of octave with dry signal)
  • DUB switch (low octave only)
  • TRUE BYPASS (effect on/off)
  • OCT 1/2 (switches between OCT 1 and OCT 2)


  • INPUT jack
  • MIX output jack (dry and effect)
  • OCTAVER output jack (low octave only)
  • POWER jack (DC 12V)

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