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Maritime Analog

The Storm Surge MKI fuzz is based on the old MKI Tonebender circuit with a few updates added by us. It used a trio of vintage N.O.S. low noise and close tolerance germanium transistors to deliver its tone and it's wired negative ground so you can use it with all the usual power supplies. No more being limited to batteries or being forced to use a power adapter just for your fuzz. Plug the Storm Surge MKI in with your Boss or Ibanez pedals and just about every other pedal with the same power supply. It's a true bypass pedal too.

The Firing Line MKII works best when placed first in your signal chain.


  • Attack: Controls the amount of fuzz of the pedal.
  • Level: Sets the amount of output volume of the pedal.
  • Internal bias trim pots are preset by us and should not need further adjustment.

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