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Every builder has a "flagship" product that is a cut above everything else offered and that is more of a labor of love rather than anything else and the Pistol Slapper is ours.

Based on the extremely rare Hawk II Tonal Expander booster made in limited numbers by S. Hawk Ltd. back in the 1970's and used by Rory Gallagher.  We took that effect and improved upon it in many ways while still keeping the core tone of the original available in the Pistol Slapper.  No more scouring classifieds or eBay to find an expensive original.  The tone is in here.

The Pistol Slapper was developed with an original right beside it to ensure the core sound would stay authentic, available and intact.


  • More gain available and much less noise than the original.
  • Active EQ for cut/neutral/boost tone shaping.
  • Footswitchable treble boost.
  • Fine tune the treble boosts frequency and response with the Filter and Select controls.
  • Circuit runs on 18V for maximum headroom and power. while only requiring  a regular 9V DC power supply.
  • Bi-colour LED. Green is standard mode, red is treble booster mode.
  • A superb clean booster.
  • Turn the level all the way up, the gain down low and use the EQ to shape your sound.
  • Open and dynamic tone, with no clipping diodes.
  • True Bypass
  • Tons of output power. This pedal can get loud.
  • Footswitchable Treble Boost
  • Built by hand in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Top mounted jacks for smaller pedalboard footprint.
  • Super strong, heavy duty, ultra high quality
  • 2 piece enclosure made by Road Rage Pro Gear here in Canada.

The Pistol Slapper is unlike any other booster or overdrive you've tried and responds differently than your standard textbook overdrive pedal.  The EQ controls operate to shape the tone completely independent of each other.
Works great with amps with limited controls, use it as an extra channel.  Use it to brighten a dark sounding amp or darken a bright sounding amp.  Add some brightness to your humbuckers or take some of the edge off your single coils.
An amazing clean booster.  Set the drive to low, the level all the way up and the treble boost off.  With the EQ controls set neutral (12 o'clock) your natual tone shines though, use the EQ controls to cut or boost to fine tune your clean boosted tone.  The natural tone of the original is in there too.  Set the Level all the way up as the original didn't have a volume control.  With the drive set to the far left it is the stock tone, moving the drive to around 3 o'clock give you the sound of the "gain boost switch".  For the original treble boosted sound set the Filter all the way up and the Select switch to the far left position.


  • Treble:  Adjust the treble content of the pedal.  The treble is neutral in the 12 o'clock position.  Turning it to left will boost the treble content while turning it to the right will cut it.
  • Middle:  Adjust the midrange content of the pedal.  The midrange is neutral in the 12 o'clock position.  Turning it to left will boost the midrange content while turning it to the right will cut it.
  • Bass:  Adjust the bass content of the pedal.  The bass is neutral in the 12 o'clock position.  Turning it to left will boost the bass content while turning it to the right will cut it.
  • Filter:  Fine tune the treble boost's corner cut off frequency.
  • Select:  Rotary switch selects the treble boost's corner cut off frequency.
  • Drive:  Adjusts the amount of gain in the pedal.
  • Level:  Controls the overall volume output of the pedal.

Power Requirements and Specifications:

  • Use only a 9V DC power supply.  Use of a power supply greater than 9V will result in damage to the pedal.
  • The circuitry inside does the job of stepping up the voltage to 18V.
  • 9V Battery or 9V 2.1mm "barrel jack" negative  ground adapter.  Battery and adapter not included.
  • Daisy chainable with all standard negative ground power supplies.
  • Alkaline battery is recommended for longer life when using battery power.
  • Use with an unregulated 9V DC power supply or any power supply exceeding 9V is not recommended.
  • Disconnect your cord from the input jack when finished playing to extend the battery life.
  • Current Consumption: 12mA

Specific Power Supply Notes:

Only power the Pistol Slapper with a 9V DC power supply.  Using a power supply with a voltage rating greater than 9V will result in severe damage to the circuit.  There is no extra headroom or anything else to gain by using a higher voltage power supply with this pedal other than turning it into an expensive paper weight.  The circuitry inside the pedal takes care of doubling the voltage to 18V. 1-Spot's, PP2's, Bricks, Fuel Tanks etc. are al l fine to use.  It's the use of random and sketchy power adapters salvaged from miscellaneous and discarded equipment that will likely result in damage and is cause for concern.

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