Maritime Analog Germanium Fuzz


Maritime Analog

Every player needs a fuzz. Overdrive and distortion pedals won't cut it when you are looking for that fat warm fuzz tone with smooth sustain. Based on the iconic Fuzz Face circuit that was one of the cornerstones of fuzz tones for it's time and continues it's prominence today. This is a modern improvement of the circuit with higher quality tighter tolerance components to improve it's performance and the addition of a DC power jack that fits the standard "Boss style" 2.1mm barrel jack. True bypass switching. The transistors are vintage N.O.S. (New Old Stock, parts that were made but never used) germanium tested for leakage and selected for the proper gain ranges and desirable characteristics. Lots of fuzz on tap. Unlike some others you don't need to crank the fuzz control to get it rocking. Although cranking the controls all the way up is always a lot of fun.

The jack requires a center tip positive (positive ground) adapter. Which means it would need it's own adapter or be chained with other positive ground pedals. It also runs on a simple 9V battery as well. It has a very low current consumption of only 3mA so battery life expectancy is great.

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