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Maritime Analog

The Bullfrog Boost Deluxe is an upgraded version of our currently retired Bullfrog Boost which is an effect based on the legendary Rangemaster Treble Booster made in the 1960's and was used by some of the finest players ever to pick up the guitar to give their tone more bite and drive.

It is powered by a NOS vintage Mullard CV7003 (OC44) germanium transistor. The CV7003 is known commonly referred to as the "military-spec" OC44 and was manufactured to higher standards and tighter tolerances than the regular OC44. Each individual transistor is tested for the desired characteristics, leakage and tone prior to assembly.  We took that circuit and added a 6 position tonal range switch to extend it's versatility well past being just a treble booster and we made it negative ground so it will easily work will all the usual power supplies without needing it's own adapter.  This pedal also uses true bypass switching for no tone loss when bypassed.

The Bullfrog Boost works best when placed first in your signal chain pushing a tube amp into breakup or overdrive. Rolling your guitar's volume control back a bit with the Boost Level set at around 3 o'clock or higher gives you a great vintage rhythm tone. Turning your guitar's volume back up to full puts you squarely in the realm of of that coveted '60's British rock/blues lead tone. Using the Treble setting with the neck pickup make it sound like a fat and thick bridge pickup or to brighten up a dark sounding guitar. Perfect for great for rhythm or blues tones. Use it with you fuzz pedal to cut some of "woofiness" out of the fuzz while adding more clarity, definition, dynamics and drive to your fuzz tone.


Range Switch:  6 position switch extends the versatility of the effects.  It boosts the treble in the first position and the tone gets progressively darker and thicker with each advance of the switch without getting muddy.

Boost Level: Controls the overall level of boost/volume. Unity gain is around 11 o'clock on the control. A static like or scratchy noise while moving the Boost Level control is completely normal and a byproduct of the circuit's design and function.

Bias: An internal control is included for adjusting the bias point of the transistor. The bias is adjusted and properly set prior to sale and should not need any further adjustment by the end user.

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