Maritime Analog Angel Lust - Octave Doubling Fuzz


Maritime Analog

  • One of the prettiest, suggestively named, evil sounding pedals you'll probably ever see.
  • Smooth, dynamic and responsive tone.
  • Awesome 60's ripping fuzz and octave fuzz in one small package.
  • Based on the Tycobrahe Octavia.
  • Nails that smooth vintage octave fuzz sound without the usual bluntness.
  • Vintage germanium clipping circuit.
  • True Bypass
  • Negative ground wiring
  • Hand build in Canada
  • Small pedalboard footprint

The Angel Lust has been in development hell here for a long time trying to get the sound just right. I wanted that smooth vintage Jimi octave fuzz tone and then some and I wanted it in a small enclosure with negative ground wiring and it took a long time to get it just right.

It's based on the Tycobrahe Octavia and the choice of transistors and the clippers in the octave engine is what in the end really made the difference and gave me the dynamics, fuzz and octave fuzz that I was after. You get the fuzz and the octave fuzz without needing an extra switch.

Turning the drive up high gives a great 60's vintage sounding fuzz while lowering the Drive brings the octave up sound to prevalence and it has dynamics in spades. You can get a great octave tone in any pickup position.

The usual caveat of having to only use the neck pickup with the tone rolled off does not apply with the Angel Lust.

A very dynamic pedal. Play lightly with a soft tough to make your guitar sing to the heavens or hit the strings harder and have the Angel Lust show it's horns and pitchfork side.


  • Drive: Sets the amount of fuzz/drive. The octave effect tends to be more noticeable at lower drive settings.
  • Power: Controls the volume level of the pedal.

Power Requirements and Specifications:

  • 9V Battery or 9V 2.1mm negative ground adapter. Battery and adapter not included.
  • Daisy chainable with all standard negative ground power supplies.
  • Alkaline battery is recommended for longer life when using battery power.
  • Use with an unregulated 9V power supply or any power supply exceeding 9V is not recommended.
  • Disconnect your cord from the input jack when finished playing to extend battery life.
  • Current Consumption: 4mA

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