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The Marble bluesbox is a full-tube overdrive floorsystem specially developed for use with single channel amplifiers such as the MARBLE Vintage Series amps. The Bluesbox is also excellent with Fender amps, and gives plexi Marshall players their desired 'over the top' leads. The Bluesbox offers the tonal and overdrive capabilities of the Dual Class Professional series.

The player with a single channel amp now gets great flexibility; classic crunch and screaming lead sounds at the push of a button. You can preset true- or active bypass. Your amplifier's basic sound remains unaffected in true bypass mode. In active bypass mode, one tube stage is used to get a fuller amplified signal that will not suffer from any signal loss over longer cable and will improve overall tone in most cases.

The Bluesbox features drive, treble, middle, bass, lead level and crunch level and a drive preset switch. The lead channel is activated with the left footswitch, indicated by a green led. The right footswitch operates switching between crunch and lead. Lead mode is indicated by a red led. Due to the unique Bluesbox circuitry, overdrive effects increase automaticallly when switched from crunch to lead and overall tone gets fatter in lead mode. Both modes have separate level controls to properly adjust the level between crunch and lead. A drive preset switch selects the type of overdrive from moderate blues drive to a Marshall type of classic rock lead.

The Bluesbox uses two 12AX7 tubes fitted in heavy duty ceramic sockets. The box is sufficiently vented by two ventilation slots. The circuitry of the Marble bluesbox has an integrated power supply and uses normal 220 - 230V 50Hz AC (115V 60Hz on request). Troublefree noiseless switching is accomplished with our special relay switching circuitry. The device works troublefree with any amplifier currently on the market, due to its unique low noise grounding technique.

  • Modes: clean bypass, crunch, lead
  • Pre amp tubes: 2 x 12AX7WB (Lo Noise)
  • Crunch and lead channel: drive, bass, middle, treble, level, crunch level, drive preset, bypass preset
  • Heavily chromed, slotted housing
  • Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 7 cm

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