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Man vs Machine Electronics

A versatile overdrive that goes from dirty boost to dynamic drive tones, to high gain break-up bliss. The tone knob adds saturation and girth to the overall sound, while the mud knob controls the gain going into the circuit. The Lil Dirt is a natural extension of your guitar and amplifier, retains your original tone, and sounds as convincing as a cranked tube amp. This is not another cliche overdrive, this is the Lil Dirt. 100% hand-built in the USA with high quality components, and (as always) true bypass.


  • Volume: Controls Overall Level
  • Dirt: Controls Overall amount of Gain
  • Tone: Controls saturation/transparency, as well as adding mids & Lows
  • Mud: Controls pre-boost section, adds richness and complexity
  • Lows: Adds lows and low-mids to circuit.

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