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Fearless experimentation and steadfast resolve were the two main ingredients in this boundary pushing, all analog, synth fuzz envelope follower!

Designed to offer the widest range of sonic capabilities as possible, the Flex S features an LFO with both rate and depth control plus an additional four (4) parameter control knobs that react interdependently ensuring an overwhelming amount creative experimentation available at your fingertips.

Glitched growls, cerebrum piercing squelches, angry-duck-funk quack, gargling stutters, are all just at the surface of the Flex's potential.

Mantic worked closely with several artists during the development of the Flex including: Alex Anderson, Simon Francis, Ikey Owens, Adrian Belew, and Nick Reinhardt

  • Expression control jack to control the LFO rate
  • Switch to engage/remove LFO
  • Fully analog
  • 9vdc (center-negative)
  • Hand etched PCB
  • Premium quality components
  • True Bypass
  • Made in Denver, CO USA

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