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The XS Fuzz is a fine replica of the very rare Electro-Harmonix Axis fuzz that appeared in 1968 and was the first fuzz by the company prior to the very well known Big Muff. E-H also built the Guild Foxey Lady using exactly the same circuit with minor value differences.

It is a raw and savage with fantastic sustain. Its very treble sound and amazing amount of output volume ensures that it will cut through the band's overall volume. The XS is an old style silicon fuzz pedal which will appeal sixties' garage rock lovers due to its honky, brass-like fuzz sounds. The oddity is that the fuzz knob acts as a blender between a treble nasty fuzzy sound (right) a more mellow not as fuzzy sound (left).

The XS Fuzz is built with components as similar to the originals as possible to the original Axis, like CC resistors, polyester film and ceramic capacitors. Silicon transistors are handpicked and tested for best sound and sustain. Those are BC550 and 2N5088 which seem to work better than originals 2N5133.


  • Carefully selected silicon transistors (Q1=BC550, Q2=2N5088)
  • Volume adjustment
  • Fuzz adjustment
  • 9 volt battery
  • True bypass switch
  • Compact pedal design (125B type enclosure)
  • Polished aluminum finish

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