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Manlay Sound

The Aladdin is a honky sounding fuzz based on the Guild Foxey Lady circuit (EH Axis version). It provides a nasty fuzz sound and an amazing amount of volume. With this monster some of Mick Ronson's most recognozible sounds can be achieved. The Aladdin is an old style silicon transistors fuzz specially made for Bowie/Fuzz lovers. It also may appeal sixties garage lovers due to its classic honky (brass-like) fuzz sounds. It's very well suited for a “Stones' Satisfaction riff” kind of sound. A mini toggle switch was added (color) so you can choose between a bitting treble sound or a more bassy and meaty sound. Different textures and sounds can be achieved by tweakening the fuzz knob.

Tip: To achieve Mick Ronson's 1973 sound, you should place “The Aladdin” first in the signal chain followed by a wah wah pedal and then into a heavily overdriven Marshall-like tube amp. As an alternative you can use a good overdrive pedal at the end of your chain.

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