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For almost four decades the FuzzFace has been the classic British fuzz sound. Used to good effect by Jimi Hendrix those tones are as sought after now as they were then. Why did it sound so good? Essentially what we have here is an overdrive rather than a fuzz - not a clipping diode in sight! The circuit, maybe accidentally, has some interesting features for such a simple circuit. The first obvious one is the use of two germanium transistors, then the circuitry exhibits progressive saturation and asymmetric clipping. Its touch sensitive. The louder you play, the greater the distortion, roll off the guitar volume a little - it cleans up. Perfect.

Once again, we have taken the original recipe, added a pinch of selected Mullard OC44s (much better than the horrible sounding AC128s fitted to many), a sprig of true bypass and assembled it with love and affection - a true culinary experience.

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