Mammouth Machine Over The Top


Mammouth Machine

The Over The Top is basically a booster/overdrive-type distortion box, which provides a soundscape ranging from light crunch to bone-crushing distortion. 

The Baxandall EQ controls creates many possibilities, the M switch cut the mid frequencies in order to get a huge deep sound. 

Crazy tone on Bass guitar !!!


  • B(Bass) : Adjusts the low-end frequency. 
  • M(Medium) : Cut medium frequency. 
  • T(Treble) :Adjusts the high-end frequency . 
  • G(Gain) : It’ll give you more or less distortion. 
  • V(Volume): Adjusts the overall volume level.


  • Standard 9-volt boss type power supply. 
  • 1/4" input and output jacks 
  • True Bypass 
  • No internal battery clip 
  • CNC etching finish.

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