Mammouth Machine Holy Fuzz


Mammouth Machine

Maximize Your fuzz Tone!

The Holy fuzz is a nasty fuzz whith an enhancer Eq switchable pre or post Fuzz section. 

Provides a fantastic bass-retaining fuzz tones with any setting. 

Works well on guitar and bass. 


  • F(Fuzz) : Adjust the amount of FUZZ 
  • V(Volume): Adjusts the overall volume level. 
  • L(Low) : Boost low Contour. 
  • H(High) : Add clarity to high end. 
  • Switch : Set the Eq pre/post fuzz.


  • Standard 9 volt boss type power supply. 
  • 1/4" input and output jacks 
  • True Bypass 
  • No internal battery clip 
  • CNC etching finish.

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