Mammoth Sound Jotun Bass Fuzz


Mammoth Sound

A Jotun is a giant in norse mythology and we thought it was an apt name for this pedal as it summed up the sound! The pedal is a fuzz that's been designed with bass in mind, as we've always struggled to find a decent fuzz that keeps the low end intact and still sounds good, so we thought we'd design one ourselves! It's based on the Tonebender MKII with a few modifications such as the addition of a clean blend and a tone stack to make it more bass friendly. The pedal has six controls; input impedance(switch between active or passive), gain, tone, volume, bias(to stop the pedal going farty on hot days) and clean blend.

This pedal comes with oc45 transistors as stock they are pnp and medium gain if you'd prefer to have another type send us a message and we'll see what we can do!

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