MAM Warp 9 Midi Analog Filter


  • A/B
    Switches between program bank A (1-16) and bank B (17-32)
  • Prog
    Selects a program within a given bank
  • Write
    Writes/copies a program
  • Channel
    Selects the global MIDI send/receive channel
  • Mode
    Selects the filter characteristic TP (Lowpass), HP (Highpass), BP (Bandpass) or N (Notch)
  • Select
    Selects the active page within the Modulation 1 section
  • Trigger Source
    Selects source (MIDI/Analog) for envelope and VCA triggering
  • Env Mode
    Selects an envelope mode
  • VCA Mode
    Selects VCA modulation
  • LFO Wave
    Selects LFO waveform
  • LFO Reset
    Selects LFO reset mode
  • Attack
    Sets attack time of the envelope
  • Decay
    Sets decay time of the envelope
  • Sustain
    Sets sustain time of the envelope
  • Release
    Sets release time of the envelope
  • Delay
    Sets onset delay of the envelope
  • LFO Rate
    Sets frequency of LFO
  • LFO Depth
    Sets intensity of filter modulation (cutoff) via LFO
  • Velocity
    Sets intensity of filter modulation (cutoff) via MIDI velocity
  • Key Follow
    Sets intensity of filter modulation (cutoff) via MIDI note on/off
  • Modulation
    Sets intensity of filter modulation (cutoff) via MIDI modulation wheel
  • Trigger Level
    Sets the volume threshold level for analog triggering
  • Env Mod
    Sets intensity of filter modulation (cutoff) via envelope
  • Cutoff
    Sets filter cutoff frequency
  • Resonance
    Sets intensity of filter resonance
  • Volume
    Sets the output volume
  • Distortion
    Switches the distortion effect on/off
  • Bypass
    Switches output between filtered and unaltered input signal


The filter circuit is based on the legendary EDP Wasp (1978).

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