Malekko Ekko 919 Analog Delay



Malekko (NAMM 2011)


  • 40 millisecond to 1.00 second BBD Delay using NOS BBDs.
  • Largest dynamic range possible from a BBD Delay using -15V BBD ICs.
  • Tap Tempo footswitch control of echo delay time with tempo rate LED.
  • Knob control of echo delay time.
  • Soft takeover between tap tempo and knob control. Tap the footswitch, its delay time is in control. Move the knob, the knob delay time is in control. Move freely between the two controls.
  • True Bypass, Active Bypass and Active “Trail” Bypass, letting you hear the echo trail after switching to bypass mode.
  • Mix from 100% Dry, 50/50 Mix to 100% Wet.
  • Tone Equalization control.
  • Specially tuned flat feedback response to below 100 Hz.
  • Excess Feedback includes a limiter in the feedback loop for infinite sustain echo without annoying feedback howl.
  • The combination of feedback limiter, tilt tone filter and modulation options make this a wild synthesized tone generator. No input is necessary except a dummy jack to activate the power circuit.
  • LFO Speed and Modulation Depth controls and modulation enable switch.
  • Wide range of LFO modulation shapes: sine, square, sample & hold and diffusion
  • Diffusion is an exclusive mode never before heard from any BBD delay, spreading the sound into a “cloud-like” atmosphere.
  • Powered by +9.6 V 500 mA or greater power supply.

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