Malekko Ekko 600




Malekko Echo 600

The ECHO 600 was inspired by our love of bucket-brigade analog delays. The kind that sweeten sounds and allow dirty feedback looping that dosen't quit. It features increased headroom, 600ms delay time, switchable dual outputs, switchable true bypass or buffered output, expression pedal capability for regen, a recessed LED indicator, a tough lexan face, and is hand made by us. The 3 controls provide complete control over the time, regeneration and mix of the dry/wet signal. In a stereo set-up, the 2nd wet output allows the delay regen to naturally fade out after you turn it off!

Malekko about the Bright version

600mS CCD Analog Delay

The ECHO 600 BRIGHT was a uniquely voiced analog delay, producing clean, rich and crisp sounds able to cut through the mix and will repeat almost forever. This pedal sounds amazing!

Malekko about the Dark version

600mS CCD Analog Delay Bitch

This ECHO 600 DARK was a uniquely voiced analog delay, producing a thick, rich sound with endless feedback. This pedal sounds incredible!

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