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MAK Crazy Sound Technology

The Temporal Tap Machine is a multi-function delay pedal with reverb and Tap tempo. The compact body contains three effect modes with a repetition interval of up to 600ms. The Analog mode opens a warm, rich sound landscape in the spirit of the legendary DM-2 and AD999. The Tape mode allows you to plunge into the beauty of the tones of film echoes, such as RE-201. The Feedback knob adjusts the number of repetitions from one to infinity, setting it to the extreme right position. You will feel the self-oscillating effect which is beloved by everybody. The Datura regime, familiar from the previous version of the pedal, received small changes, and became even more cosmic and interesting. Regulator Reverb - will help to add the effect delays from a small echo to a saturated, atmospheric reverberation. The interval of repetitions is adjusted with the help of the Time knob, and is also stuffed with the TAP button. To neutralize unwanted phase distortion when connected to a parallel loop of effects, the instrument contains the Kill dry switch. When the Dry mode is on, the Mix knob adds an effect to the pure signal, in the Kill mode, the Mix knob balances between the pure signal and the effect. One of the main advantages is the small size and weight of the pedal with a very rich functionality. The pedal is equipped with a true bypass switch and does not affect the signal passing through it in the Off mode. Provided power from the battery type "Crown" and from the DC adapter 9V 70mA "Boss Style" (Minus in the center).

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