MAK Crazy Sound Technology Space Reverb


Space reverb is unique development of MAK crazy sound technology. It combines 3 effects - Plate Reverb, Ambience Reverb and Shimmer Reverb. Quantity and functions do this pedal multifunctional and flexible in control.

  • "Plate Reverb" mode: imitation classic Plate Reverb
  • "Ambience Reverb" mode provides deep reverberation effect and "NO ATTACK".
  • "Shimmer Reverb" mode is made with unique technology named Dark Krystal and it will grant your guitar from space-atmosferic-cosmic to otherworldy - underground sounding.

Device suits all styles of music and performers who are opened for experiments.

Positive features are:

  • Low noise.
  • Guitar signal passes through an analog path.
  • True bypass.
  • Powered by DC 9V (BOSS style).
  • Available powering by battery.

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