MAK Crazy Sound Technology Octronix - Octaver, Shimmer, Synthaver


MAK Crazy Sound Technology

OCTRONIX is unique development of MAK crazy sound technology. Device suits all styles of music and performers who are opened for experiments. It combines 3 effects - OCTAVER, SHIMMER & SYNTHAVER.

  • Octaver is polyphonic - CLEAN DRY, 1UP Oct, 1DOWN Oct. It excellently processes separate notes as well as full chords.
  • Shimmer is made with unique technology named Dark Krystal and it will grant your guitar from space-atmosferic-cosmic to otherworldy - underground sounding. Very extended and versatile controls. You can use separate reverb in Shimmer mode.
  • Synthaver - octo-synth-ringmod.

Thanks to innovative technologies we can fit so much effects in one small stompbox, providing high quality sounding. It's unbelieveable but its true!

  • True bypass.
  • Powered by DC 9V (BOSS style).
  • Available powering by battery.


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