MAK Crazy Sound Technology Exorcist (v2) - Noise Reduction


MAK Crazy Sound Technology

The 'Exorcist' is an updated version of our noise reduction pedal. It eliminates unwanted noise and makes playing guitar/bass guitar more enjoyable and comfortable. Thanks to new unique algorithms of work and modern element base this device processes the signal gently, without sharp fading, which helps not only to remove unnecessary signals but also to save the sustain of your solos. The 'Exorcist' pedal contains an attenuation threshold controller and a break loop (with 'send' and 'return' connectors) for more convenient connection to the effects chain. In addition, the pedal has convenient dimensions and is light-weight (0.275 kg) for more comfortable transportation. It can be powered by both a 9V / 100mA power supply and a "Crown" type battery.

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