MAK Crazy Sound Technology Exorcist - Noise Reduction


MAK Crazy Sound Technology

Exorcist - is the newest development from Mak crazy sound technology. 

The Exorcist is a noise reduction pedal that eliminates unwanted and possessed instrument noises with its electrical holy water! This priest of a device digitally destroys noise demons by using the most modern components and unique algorithms, to process the common and annoying buzzing sounds within the signal much more gently, and smooth without sharp attenuation, resulting in more comfortability. This not only helps remove those unwanted signals but also keeps the right amount of sustain within your solos! Exorcist contains control threshold attenuation and loop break jacks labeled (send and return) that are much more accommodating to your chain of effects. 

Convenient size and light weight (0.275kg)/(0.606lbs) make for more comfortable transportation. 

This pedal can be powered from a power supply (9V) and (9V) battery! 

Beware Underworld. 

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