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The Vintage DeArmond 1000 Rhythm Chief, 1100 Super Chief pickups are known as the finest guitar pickups in the world still to this day. This is due to the genius of versatility in its design.

A neck positioned pickup will always have the thicker and fatter tone than a bridge positioned pickup do to its positioning under the strings. The Rhythm Chief module with the Volume, Tone and most importantly, the "Rhythm Chief Switch" sets these pickup designs apart by implementing a specific circuit design that makes the neck pickup magically move from the neck to the bridge by a flip of a switch. No other company designing pickups since the 50's has been able to outperform these pickups, even today.

If you have a guitar with a fixed neck pickup and always wanted to add a bridge pickup, but, do not want to mess with your guitar in any way or spare the expense just to find it doesn't sound right and ruin your guitar, well, I have solved this problem at last in a small portable device.

My Rhythm Chief module is the "exact" same circuit that comes in the Vintage Rhythm Chiefs Volume, Tone, Rhythm Switch module. I have painstakingly re-designed this circuit into a portable unit you can carry in your case and plug your guitar into and have that versatility of adding the "Rhythm Chief" tones without touching your guitar at all but simply manipulating the "Rhythm Chief Switch" for that bridge tone from the neck pickup.

Many guitars with a fixed neck pickup have only volume controls if they have any controls at all and will always sound like a neck pickup unless you introduce this unit into its signal path.

Over the last couple of months, I have been messing around with the controls in both modes and discovered something awesome. In straight clean or "bypass" mode the controls act like regular volume and tone controls, but, in the Rhythm Chief Mode, the tone control adjusts how much bottom you can roll off and the mids begin to sing better and better from the speaker and its adjustment points are endless. I find that around 2:30 (5 O'clock is all the way full right) the bottom and midrange are balanced with no bottom rumble but still very tight, 12 O' clock the bottom cuts and solo's wail!

Many points in between 0-100 have different and endless variations of tone, I am very pleased with the results. These things are something else, I have truly fallen in love with something I made, it's a good thing!

This pedal works exactly the same as the original Rhythm Chief Modules, Guaranteed!

I use BRAND NEW potentiometers for the volume and tone controls and 1950's vintage electronics to build the circuits in these units which are all hand soldered using the same "point to point wiring" style as its predecessor, no circuit boards or transistors here. All top quality components.

If you like the versatility and tonality of the "Original Rhythm Chief Modules" you are going to absolutely love this portable version for any situation you place it in... I mean any situation!

The pedal is all aluminum and will come totally unmarked. It is 4-1/4" long x 2-5/8" wide x 2" tall with the knobs which are Volume and Tone from the left.

As complex as the circuit is you can use either 1/4" jack on either side as In or Out, it won't matter so it fits into any style pedal board or pedal array. It needs no battery so it never needs to be opened.

I hope you give this a try, you won't be disappointed, but if you are (YOU WON'T BE) simply return it for a full refund.

It does wonderful things on 2/3 pickup electric guitars also, it makes the bridge pickup sound out of phase and makes solos absolutely scream!

It kinda sounds like an open wah wah pedal on mostly treble (I said kinda) in the Chief mode using the bridge pickup in solos and it absolutely cuts like a knife with searing highs you have never heard before from your guitar, amp and effects you currently use now, amazing tone!

Switch to the neck pickup and it gives the tone of a wide open P-90 and using a 2 pickup model like a 335, a Les Paul or any wide spread 2 pickup model design in the middle position you get that sought after Jimmy Page live tone that sounds amazingly incredible to say the least!

Placing this pedal at the end of your effects chain it gives sonic howls and insane painful screams never acquired before you bought this pedal through even your most familiar amp, guitar and pedal arrays.

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