Majik Box KO-1 Matt Roberts Kryptonite Overdrive


Majik Box

  • Specialized overdrive tweaked to Matt’s specifications.
  • Matts’s preferred bass cut off frequency and drive levels, optimized so that one setting excels for both rhythm and lead playing.
  • True Bypass

Matt, having been a Body Blow user for several years, suggested a few changes to his Body Blow which would allow him to just keep the pedal on at all times (except for when he switched channels for his clean tone). This pedal quickly became the Kryptonite Overdrive.

It’s a rare overdrive that can help shape an amps tone to work perfectly for both heavy rhythm and lead playing. Recreating Matt’s now iconic tone, heard in classic hits such as Kryptonite and When I’m Gone and It’s Not Me, night after night on the road was a constant struggle for Matt and his guitar tech Jeff Chase. With the Kryptonite Overdrive in front of his amps, Matt always has his special “radio ready” tone at his finger tips.

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