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  • Specialized Distortion that allows for several distinctive tones. The main tone is a thick, heavy distortion that evokes the quintessential Korn guitar sound. This pedal allows you to wring this iconic tone out of nearly any amp, The second tone is a lo-fi tone that is thin, and slightly broken sounding. This is a tone that Munky uses on intros and breakdowns of many Korn songs.

  • Custom focus knob that greatly alters the mid-range characteristic of the pedal. This knob allows you to dial in a wide range of distortion tones, and allows you to adjust the mid-range perfectly for 6, 7 and 8 string guitars.

  • True Bypass

You don't have to be a Korn fan to appreciate the range of applications that the Krush Distortion is built for. This pedal allows you to dial in a heavy, focused distortion out of just about any amp, for nearly any type of hard rock or metal situation. Of course, using Munky's suggested settings make dialing in the signature Korn tone a breeze. Also, the lo-fi distortion setting that Munky suggests provides a unique alternative sound that Munky himself uses every night on the road.

With Munky's help, we think that we've developed the perfect distortion pedal for today's music. Once you plug in, we think you'll agree.

Majik Box (press release)

Majik Box begins shipping the James “Munky” Shaffer Krush Distortion signature pedal.

First signature pedal bearing the name of the iconoclastic guitarist of the band Korn.

Torrance, CA – May 10, 2012 – Distilling the raw power, massive saturation and distinctive roar of Munky’s amp array into a tiny box, the Krush Distortion allows players to achieve the sound that conquered the world, plugged into any amp.

Munky’s request was for Majik Box to design a pedal that could achieve two of his most celebrated tones – his signature heavy distortion sound and a lo fi sound that he often uses on intro sections and breakdowns in Korn’s music.   It was obvious that the request was met in spades, when Munky mounted the final prototype onto his pedal board and began using the pedal immediately on the band’s current U.S. tour.  The bonus is the incredible variability the pedal offers, allowing players to dial in signature sounds of their own.  The Krush Distortion features:

  • Marked settings for two of Munky’s favorite sounds; heavy distortion and lo-fi
  • Four knobs, including a special Focus Control allowing a wide range of tonal possibilities
  • Solid, brushed aluminum casing for light weight and road ready durability
  • True Bypass operation

Designed and built at the Majik Box HQ in Torrance CA, the Krush Distortion is shipping now and can be purchased directly from the Majik Box online store.  Street Price: $229.99

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