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Fuzz. It comes in different flavors, but we wanted to create the best fuzz ever. Really what that meant to us, was having more than one fuzz circuit in a single box. It was really important for us to have a truly useable and musical fuzz, so we could play all the classic fuzz laden tunes, but it was also important for us to have a fuzz that was all out nuts, for the sonic adventurer in all of us. We accomplished this with the Bipolar Fuzz. With help from Munky of Korn in fine tuning the sounds to achieve the best from each, we feel that we created the ultimate fuzz - one with two distinct personalities, therefore the name Bipolar Fuzz.

Two distinct and discrete fuzz voices - An insane, over the top fuzz, and a smoother, more musical fuzz in one box.

Lo-Fi switch for additional sputtering and burping.

True Bypass

Majik Box press release (December 3, 2013)

Majik Box releases the Bipolar Fuzz

Featuring two distinct and discrete fuzz voices - An extreme, over the top fuzz and a holy grail, classic fuzz.

Torrance, CA –December 3, 2013 – As an addition to the company’s highly regarded line of hand-made pedals, Majik Box will begin shipping the new Bipolar Fuzz, dual mode fuzz pedal this week.

Offering a multitude fuzz flavors, coming from two discrete circuits, the Bipolar Fuzz features both Majik Box’s representation of classic fuzz, replicating sounds found on numerous recordings from the late sixties through the nineties to a unique sounding extreme fuzz, delivering otherworldly textures and tones. The two distinct sides can be used individually or together for even more fuzz mayhem.

Highlights include:

  • Two discrete fuzz circuits which can be combined for a third, unique fuzz sound.
  • Lo-Fi switch on the extreme fuzz circuit for additional “sputtering” and “burping.”
  • True Bypass Operation.
  • Hand-wired and hand-built in Torrance, CA

A proto-type Bipolar Fuzz was used extensively on Korn’s latest release Paradigm Shift, as well as Marty Friedman’s upcoming 2014 solo release Inferno.

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