Mahoney Orange Tone



This pedal is a copy of the Armstrong Orange Squeezer. In my opinion the OS is one of the best sounding compressor for guitar. Many hit records were made using this simple type of compressor. The originals plugged directly into the guitar and many 70's players used them especially studio players. This pedal has the same signal path with updated components and modern features.

  • EH 3PDT True Bypass Switch
  • LED bezel with new flat top blue LED
  • Alpha pots with MXR knobs
  • Heavy duty 9 volt battery snap and Eveready vintage style non alkaline battery
  • Neutrik high quality jacks
  • Boss style D/C jack

The board is loaded with high quality components and the wiring is clean. This pedal will last a lifetime and provide excellent tones that will put a smile on your face.

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