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Our Creator pedal is based on the second version of the triangle Big Muff. The guys at Jordan, the company that built the Boss Tone, copied the Big Muff in 1971. I have replicated the circuit and updated the components with metal film caps and resistors.

The head designer and owner of Jordan told me that one of his employees brought in a Big Muff and everyone in the shop loved it. George made a few mods and the result was named the Creator. We have replicated the circuit and replaced one of the resistors with a mid pot. This opens up the tonal possibilities of the pedal for sure.

The caps are Wima and Panasonic and we use metal film resistors. I have many colors to choose from as well as LED colors.

All of these pedals have been signed by George Cole, the designer of the Jordan line. He is 84 years old and still designing and playing bass professionally.

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