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You are bidding on our version of the famous Jordan Boss Tone the "Cal Tone". The Boss Tone is one of the first American made Fuzz units and was used on countless recording in the 60's and 70's. Groups like the Doors, Spirit (Randy California), Norman Greebaum ("Spirit in the Sky") to name a few. Our version is based on the early Pasadena model. The Cal Tone is a warm singing fuzz with loads of sustain and character. The components that I use are very high quality. Panasonic metal film caps, Motorola Transistors, High quality enclosure are just some of the features. In the four years that I have been building these units and the original plug-in model, I have learned a great deal about this magic little fuzz. Some units left the factory without the pair of 4001 clipping diodes. I had a customer send is in to determine why it was more of an overdrive and twice as loud as his other Boss Tones.

I quickly spotted the missing diodes and determined that that was the cause. I installed a set of diodes and it worked perfect. This gave me the idea to place a switch on the pedal to turn the diodes on and off. With the diodes off, the pedal takes on a Marshall type of sound.

Some of the features are:

  • Powder Coated Hammond enclosure
  • 1/8 inch thick Graphic with a mirror image that looks amazing
  • High quality Neutrik Jacks, D/C jack LED with chrome bezel
  • EH 3PDT True Bypass switch SPDT diode switch
  • High quality PC mounted Pots and Eagle Knobs
  • Military grade 9 volt snap with Eveready Battery
  • Panasonic Metal Film Capacitors

This is a truly unique Fuzz/Overdrive pedal. It is also an American design with lots of historical significance.

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