Mahoney Buzz Tone Pedal



The Legendary, Holy Grail of useable Fuzz Pedals, the "Buzztone" by Mahoney.

All of the tone of the original, with modern features, and ultra low noise. Housed in a friendlier package for years of trouble free service.

After countless hours of testing and experimenting on a number of vintage units, we have developed our modern Buzztone, incorporating the exact circuit path as found in the original the vintage Jordan units.

The modern Buzztone is essentially a vintage Buzztone housed in a modern housing. We start off with a freshly redesigned PCB. This circuit board is an exact copy of the originals circuit path. The only thing we changed was the board size and component placement.

We then housed the Buzztone in a sturdy Hammond enclosure. The box is then powder coated, and we apply the graphics. We use high quality jacks and potentiometers as well as adding a EH 3PDT true bypass switch.

Careful attention was paid to the components of the originals. We are using correct value resistors, ceramic disc capacitors and a matched Darlington pair of transistors. It took a lot of time to find modern available equivalents that mirror the sound of the vintage Jordan's.

The Buzztone sounds best when powered by standard non-alkaline batteries. We ship ours with a standard non-alkaline 9 volt and the unit can also be powered by the onboard DC power jack. The end result is a rugged useable version of the original Jordan Bosstone that will provide many years of trouble free service.

  • Hammond 1590 aluminum enclosure.
  • True Bypass switching
  • Beautiful low glare super bright red LED
  • Super tough, high gloss, powder coat paint
  • High quality graphics sealed with thick epoxy clear coat
  • Correct value resistors
  • Matched Darlington pair silicon transistors
  • .022 ceramic disc capacitors
  • Alpha Potentiometers
  • High quality jacks
  • 2.1mm 9V DC Jack
  • Authentic Jordan PCB

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