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This is the little gem that started it all. It was featured on countless famous recordings and live performances. Pedal steel players still seek out the vintage units for there fabulous sounds. And modern players search the web for these hard to find gems.

Now for the first time in over 35 years, we are proud to offer a recreation of the original Jordan Bosstone. Our units are constructed exactly in the same style as the vintage California units. Over the last two years, we have had the pleasure of examining hundreds of vintage Jordan Bosstone units and have selected what we believe to be the best examples on which to base our units from. Close attention was paid to every aspect of the original Jordan Bosstones.

We found the company that built the potentiometers for Jordan. These pots have been improved on since the 60's and 70's. These were very hard to locate as there are not many people using that sort of potentiometer these days. The plugs we are using are copper tipped for better conductivity. This is an improvement as well over the vintage models.

For 1966, it is remarkable for the Jordan company not only to have designed such a useable fuzz that still sounds current today, but to also have the forsight to incorporate true bypass switching into the circuit.

Our jacks and switches are of superior quality. Inside you will find the correct value resistors, ceramic disk capacitors and a matched Darlington pair of silicon transistors that match the sound of the best vintage Jordan Bosstones.

As of September 2008 all of the new Vintage units have a stainless steel bottom plate in order to prevent rusting. This feature, in spite of its sigificant cost, does not affect the retail price.

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