Mahoney Acid Tone Pedal



The Acid Tone is a clone of the famous Mosrite FUZZrite. This is one of the first Fuzz pedals and it is quite historic. The FUZZrite was the first Fuzz Jimi Hendrix used. Roger Mayer must have taken a few clues from the design, at hi volumes, the Acid Tone emits hints of octavia tones. The tone of this fuzzrite is one of the best I have ever heard. Don't buy the hype that only one guy uses the correct schematic.

I have been working on this pedal for three years now and I believe it is the best fuzzrite available. I use high quality caps and killer sounding transistors. The enclosure is high quality with stainless screws. True bypass, UV purple LED with bezel and D/C jack and a clean wiring job is standard.


The Acid Tone is a wild outta-control Fuzz. It is based on the Mosrite Fuzz-rite and the Orpheum Fuzz. This is a wild spitting over the top unit. The kind of pedal that you don't want to bring home to meet your Mom.

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