Magnetic Effects Kay Fuzztone


Kay Fuzztone clone built into old wah cases.

Features include improved output volume with external volume control. The originals have quite a low output level. The clone has increased output volume and an external volume knob to control the output volume. Also, the Clone has an improved low output impedance which means the tone will remain consistent when other pedals are added after the clone.

Unlike the original this clone can be turned on and off with your foot like a wah pedal. (On the originals you have to lean down and switch a slider switch with your hand to turn the pedal on and off.)


  • External Volume Control.
  • True bypass switching.
  • Runs on a standard 9V DC adapter (same as Boss, Ibanez, etc) or a 9V battery.
  • Reverse Polarity protection and power supply filtering.

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