Magnetic Effects Buzzkill


The Buzzkill is a Germanium fuzz pedal with a distinctive 60's style splatty fuzz sound! Using a pair of hand selected NOS germanium transistors the Buzzkill delivers a wealth of old school fuzz tones.

The four controls are Gain, Volume, Tone and Mids. The Gain control has plenty of range. Milder fuzzy drive sounds are available with the gain low and, when the gain is cranked, a more compressed, saggy tone springs to life. The Tone and Mids controls are very interactive and offer a wide variety of tones.

The Buzzkill responds well to  guitar volume control changes.

The Buzzkill has a high input impedance and a low output impedance. This makes the Buzzkill, unlike many fuzz pedals, compatible with buffered bypass pedals pedals as well as pedal switchers and wireless systems.


  • True Bypass switching
  • Volume, Gain, Tone and Mids controls
  • 9V battery or 9V DC adapter powered
  • Reverse polarity protection


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