Magnetic Audiotone Collider


Magnetic Audiotone

Ever wish you had a simple bypass for all your pedals so you can hear the tone of only your guitar and amplifier without all the tone sucking buffers in your pedals? This fx-loop-in-a-pedal is the answer to your problems…but why collider? Because at the flick of a switch it will smash your sound to bits. We’ve added a little bonus called a feedback loop. What’s a feedback loop? We’re taking the output of the fx loop and tossing it back into the input of the loop, opening up a completely new sound experience.

Switch on some pedals. Distortion, delay, chorus, whatever. Now switch on Collider, turning on your fx loop. Flip the “Collide” toggle and hear your tone explode into something you never knew your guitar was capable of. Twisting the knob on the chorus gives you a siren while the twisting the knob on your favorite distortion gives you a different pitch of oscillation. The more pedals in the loop, the more chaos. You can blend how much feedback you’d like in the signal path with the control knob. Try it out with any pedal combinations. The possibilities are endless. A completely passive circuit, the 9V DC tap or battery simply powers the handy 2 color “bypass/collide” indicator LED. A noise maker’s heaven. An extremely useful stage tool. All in one small enclosure.

WARNING: The inexperienced should be warned of the unpredictability this pedal offers. Only god knows what will happen with different pedal combinations in a loop. Some pedals may render the feedback useless. Some will make sounds you’ve never heard before. Please be mindful of the amp and your ears and start with the knob half way. Experiment with different combinations in your loop.

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