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CMOS Logic Overdrive/Fuzz pedal with the picking sensitivity and fat smooth warmth of a tube amp.  Dual footswitches for the greatest control ever available from this kind of circuit instantly takes you from tweed crunch to high gain sustain, and it will always clean up with your guitars volume.


The Magnetar Fuzzy Logic is based on a legendary circuit by Craig Anderton called the "Tube Sound Fuzz". This circuit was first published in May of 1978 in the book, "Electronic Projects for Musicians". Since then, many commercial effects companies have cloned this circuit and put their own name on it, without acknowledging the circuits inventor. It's time to give credit where credit is due. Craig Anderton is my biggest influence as an audio electronics designer. To pay homage to him, I have created the fuzzy logic, a CMOS logic chip overdrive fuzz with a nearly identical circuit to its 70's counterpart. The only difference in componant values is an increase in the two capacitors in the feedback loops to discourage oscillations, and roll of the treble, as suggested in the mods section of his book. To set my pedal apart from the rest, I have added a footswitchable High/Low Gain circuit. This gives the fuzzy logic the versatility of a two channel amp!

Fuzzy Logic Features

  • CD4049UBE CMOS logic hex inverter IC for FET warmth.
  • Footswitchable High and Low Gain circuits to take you from a low gain tweed overdrive to high gain fuzz tones. It's like having two pedals in one!
  • Hi/Low Gain footswitch position can be pre-selected while the pedal is bypassed, to get the tone you're after before engaging the effect.
  • Circuit board ground plane shields all board components to ensure the lowest noise possible.
  • Responds to your picking dynamics and cleans up with your guitars volume control, just like your favorite tube amp.
  • Genuine Hammond 1590BB enclosure, rather than the inferior China made NSC clones used by too many "boutique" pedal manufacturers.
  • True bypass switching for zero tone suckage.
  • Pink and Blue LED status indicators.
  • Hand soldered in the USA using through hole lead-free components (NO surface mount), and lead free solder.
  • Carefully selected top shelf components including: Sprague/Vishay Caps, Nichicon Caps, Panasonic caps, ohmite metal film resistors, alpha pots, and Neutrik jacks.
  • 9 volt battery powered, or standard 2.1mm boss negative tip 9 volt dc power supply.
  • Hand made circuit boards!  I etch, drill, tin, and solder every single board, one at a time, using my own original design. Zero automation.  Each enclosure is drilled in house as well!  Powder coating and silkscreen are the only parts of the manufacturing process done out of house, by Pedal Parts Plus in Anacoco, LA.
  • I stand behind every single pedal i make with a transferable lifetime warranty.

Price: $115.00

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