Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone



  • Volume
    controls the output volume
  • Attack
    controls the amount of fuzz?


Maestro about the reissue

It's been called the "greatest Hippie Rock pedal of all time!" It's the one, the only, the original Maestro FuzzToneTM . And it's back with the nastiest, most in your face FUZZZZZ you've ever heard. • If you were alive in 1965, you probably remember the first time you heard the sound that changed rock music forever. It was the sound of the "Bad Boys of Rock", The Rolling Stones, with their latest song, "Satisfaction". What was that lead guitar sound? It was the Maestro FuzzTone designed and made by Gibson Electronics of Kalamazoo, MI.

And that's how it all began. Sure there were some earlier effects like Reverb, Vibrato, and Tremolo but they were extremely tame compared to this new creation. After all, it was the FuzzTone that allowed young guitar players everywhere to create sonic chaos and finally, REALLY drive their parents and neighbors crazy! Wasn't it great?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own this Limited Edition FuzzTone FZ-1A Reissue!

The different models were made in different places:

  • FZ-1: Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • FZ-1A: Kalamazoo, Michigan, later Lincolnwood, Illinois
  • FZ-1B: Lincolnwood, Illinois
  • FZ-2: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
  • FZ-1A reissue: Nashville, Tennessee

Some serial numbers:

  • FZ-1: highest # seen: 4628 (3855)
  • FZ-1A (schematics: "5101 and above")
    • Made in Kalamazoo:
      • lowest # seen: 5906 (with 2 batteries like the FZ-1!)
      • lowest # seen with 1 battery: ???
      • highest # seen: 42933
    • Made in Lincolnwood:
      • lowest # seen: 43762
      • highest # seen: 44537

Pedals shipped by year:

  • 1962: 5458
  • 1963: 3
  • 1964: 0
  • 1965: 3454
  • 1966: 20943
  • 1967: 6625




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